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penguin dahab
The adventure of a lifetime. Diving: relaxing, action-packed, tranquil, adrenaline pumping, adventurous, fun. Diving is all this and more - the choice is yours. Can you imagine being in Dahab this tropical location, between 4 of the 15 protected areas in Egypt.
penguin dahab
Dahab is the Arabic word for "gold", and it is almost certain that this local area on the east coast of Sinai derives it's name from the rich sand that colors its beaches. Dahab provides a contrasting atmosphere to its over developed, package tourist southern neighbour, Sharm El-Sheik.
penguin dahab
More than 12 years ago, when Dahab was a limited strip of backpacker style accommodation,we started the Penguin Camp. With 12 rooms, it was clean and simple costing a mere 5LE per night,Keeping the friendly camp style atmosphere, we started to build our village into what it is today.